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Servomotor HF-SN, 3kW; Torque 14.3 Nm, max. torque 42.9 Nm, Key-way
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technical information
Servo Motor
Type HF-SN  
Rated Torque (Nm) 14,3  
Maximum Torque (Nm) 42,9  
Rated Speed (rpm) 2000  
Maximum Speed (rpm) 2500  
Inertia (kg*cm2) 58,5  
Brake NO  
Shaft Type KEYWAY  
Protection Class IP67  
Power Supply (V) 200  
Current Type AC  
Encoder Resolution (p/rev) 131072  
Product Dimensions & Weight
Width (mm) 176  
Height (mm) 176  
Depth (mm) 178,5  
Weight (kg) 15  
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additional information
Selling Status Sale  
Campaign Start 02.09.2019  
Campaign End 31.12.2019  
Order codes
European Order Code 269030
Global Order Code 0JA991-001007
Classification Data
Product hierarchy IAK30219
Class Description FA-Servo-Motion: Servo Motor
External Material Group Discontinued Material
Logistic Class C
Packaging Dimensions & Weight
Gross Weight 16.36  KG
Volume 24.09  CDM
Length 36,5 CM
Width 22 CM
Height 30 CM
Commodity / Import Code
Commodity Code 85015220
Country of Origin JP
Life Cycle
Discontinued (EOL) 05.01.2015  
Last Time Buy (LTB) 31.12.2015  
End of Service (EOS) 31.12.2022  
Successor 282647  HG-SN302JK  
Successor Information SYSTEM CHANGE REQUIRED  
RoHS Compliance COMPLIANT  
REACH Limit Exceeded NO  
Dangerous Goods Regulations NO  
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service parts
No service parts found for this product